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Finding Solutions

The environmental restoration marketplace is maturing. At the same time, you face ever-growing challenges of staffing, budgetary and schedule constraints coupled with higher expectation for business performance.

If your environmental program is not meeting your business objectives and routine services are draining your bottom-line, you need an experienced, efficient, and affordable environmental services team by your side.

Arcadis FieldTech Solutions is uniquely positioned as an affordable partner to help you:

  • Find hidden inefficiencies in your programs
  • Stay compliant with current regulations
  • Match the right talent to your project
  • Use the best and most innovative approach to any project, simple or complex
  • Use state-of-the-art electronic data capture equipment to streamline field and office data management efforts
  • Focus on safety with every step

Is your program struggling to stay compliant? Do you want to improve efficiency, achieve outcomes sooner, and lower your environmental spend?

Managing an environmental program is complex and expensive, yet there are routine, basic tasks associated with environmental compliance activities that lend themselves well to streamlined solutions.

Low-Cost Delivery, Consistent High Quality

With Arcadis FieldTech Solutions, you can count on low-cost delivery with the same high quality you’ve come to expect from Arcadis. Our trained technical staff manage day-to-day operations and regulatory compliance at your sites, while our experts direct strategy and provide oversight.

We self-perform the entire lifecycle of your project, allowing you to work with one responsible partner instead of multiple vendors — all while providing a consistent, quality approach.

Health and Safety is a Way of Life

Health and safety isn’t just a program, it’s our culture. Our team incorporates health and safety with every action and step of your project to keep your employees, our team and the public safe.

Our commitment to safety includes pre-planning, team safety calls, proper training and random safety audits.

All of our field technicians have the necessary training and experience to get the job done right — safely. They frequently receive additional technical training to meet job-specific requirements.

Backed by the Experts at Arcadis

FieldTech Solutions is a low-cost option for basic and routine environmental activities. Should your project become more complex and require advanced technical expertise, you are backed by the breadth and depth of Arcadis. Our team of senior technical advisors and engineering support staff provide the necessary expertise while not burdening the program cost structure with full-time engagement.

With 140 offices across North America, we have the resources and reach should the success of your project require additional support.


Our services allow you to control costs for routine operations and maintenance while still complying with regulatory and health and safety standards.

The safe and proper closure of your site requires experts who can identify potential hazards, risks and environmental impacts; clean and dispose of contaminated equipment; and inspect and abate hazardous materials to retire or re-purpose your building successfully.

From geophysical surveys and environmental sampling to sediment coring and geotechnical drilling, we deliver a wide range of routine environmental field services quickly and cost effectively.

From developing or managing internal Health and Safety programs to delivering on-site planning and oversight, our experts can help keep you safe and in compliance.

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Gain greater efficiencies, centralized management control and reliable and consistent implementation by using our portfolio-specific management approach.